Mini Pasta Product Line - Ready-to-cook

We know that in the day-to-day rush , you can't be losing time in the kitchen, so we developed the Instantaneous Line!
Ready in just 3 minutes, free from fried foods and in two versions: Traditional and whole.

Practicality and health allied, so you can enjoy a good meal, even in the rush of day-to-day!

Line of Quick Preparation Traditional

We always like to offer something in addition in our products, that's why we have several options of macaroni, so you can adapt to your liking, practicality and well being!

  • Talharim Quick Preparation Traditional
  • Penne Quick Preparation Traditional
  • Fusilli Quick Preparation Traditional

Line of Quick Preparation Whole

In addition to practical and frying free, the Line Whole has fiber in its pasta, preserving the nutritional properties of wheat. Practicality and well being allied to your day-to-day!

  • Talharim Quick Preparation Whole
  • Penne Quick Preparation Whole
  • Fusilli Quick Preparation Whole