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Siena's history begins in the 80's, when the pastas made affectionately by the hands of Dona Zélia, becomes a success between friends and neighboors. Then, Pastifício Dona Zélia is born, located in the center of Valinhos, which in that time, was succesfull in selling mini pizzas, lasagna and macaroni. The brand of Dona Zélia was starting a history of success and family tradition.

That was when the husband of Dona Zélia, Mr. Geraldo Marchioria, had the idea of drying the pasta so they could last longer, making it easier also for transportation and distribution. The drying process was improving more and more, always keeping the afection and carefulness of Dona Zélia, and then a path was defined: industrially produce the best handmade pasta, without losing the characteristics of a good homemade recipe.

In 1991, the son of Dona Zélia, Hamilton Marchiori puts together effort and goals with his friend Gilson Martins, and together they modernize the means of production, starting a new chapter in this successful history. Thus was born Siena, with the proposal to manufacture a pasta with quality while maintaining the homemade flavor without losing the artisan tradition.

Our brands are elaborated with all affection and careness, so that you can gather your family and appreciate the best of Italy in the comfort of your house. Flavor, tradition and quality are characteristics which Siena makes sure to offer you.